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Posted in Short Films with tags on September 27, 2010 by The Mommy & Daddy Show

Turbo is Jarrett Lee Conway‘s MFA thesis film completed while he attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He directed, produced and, with Erika Cervantes, co-wrote this amazing short. Starring Justin Chon from the Twilight film series as Hugo, stuntman Ilram Choi as his brother Tobias, David Lehre from Epic Movie as the villain Shamus, Jocko Sims from the Starz series Crash as Turbo superstar Pharoah King, and Alice Hunter as Hugo’s friend and fellow fighter Ruse. Given that this short film feels so much bigger than it actually is, we’re interested in what Conway could do with a full budget and creative control. Turbo won the Golden Circle Award for Outstanding Student Film from the Caucus Foundation in December of 2009.

Unlike the other media presented on this blog, Turbo is not based on a video game itself but has a video game that is central to the plot of the film, which is why we are presenting it here.

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