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Pac-Man: The Movie(s)

Posted in Fan-Made, Pac-Man, Satire with tags on September 15, 2010 by The Mommy & Daddy Show

Pac-Man is one of the most beloved games of all time and there has been talk on the interwebs for a few years of an actual live action film in the works, possibly with comic book-to-film producer guru Avi Arad producing it. As frightening a concept as this is, there are a number of live action parodies of a Pac-Man feature film out there. Here are a few that vary in quality but are all fun nonetheless.

The first is from stanman16. It involves four ghosts trapped in a maze with a giant yellow monster that’s killing them off one by one.

If you enjoyed that, here is some behind the scenes footage.

Next is from Scott Gairdner on his Zoltarkill YouTube channel. According to his website, Gairdner was just hired last month (August 2010) as a writer and director for Funny or Die. Here is his action movie take on the Pac-Man franchise.

This same parody gets the Lego treatment from Michael Inglis. Check out some of his other Lego movies on his website, his YouTube channel or his Dailymotion profile.

Finally, here we find Pac-Man getting the Saw treatment from New York City based Therefore Productions on their comedy blog. This is probably the highest quality video and would make the best film interpretation of the videos presented here.

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