The Project

Our project here is to find a good live action movie based on a video game. Can it be done? We’re willing to find out…

There are currently 38 films in this genre of filmmaking and we will be watching them all, in order, and reviewing them. Some will be better than others. Some will have more to offer than others. But are any of them actually good movies? Using a five star rating system (just like Netflix), no video game movie we have seen yet would we rate four stars, our benchmark of a good movie. We want to find one. Maybe it hasn’t been made yet. Maybe one of the over 40 films announced, rumored or now in some stage of production will be that crowning achievement in video game to film cinematic adaptation…

Come with us on our journey and share your own thoughts about these films. Feedback is not only welcomed but wanted!


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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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