Street Fighter: Legacy

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This is what a Street Fighter film needs to be! Street Fighter: Legacy is a Streetlight Films production written by Christian Howard and Joey Ansah and directed by Ansah and Owen Trevor. These English gents have put a lot of love and respect for the source material into the making of this short and it shows. John Foo is Ryu, Howard is Ken Masters and Ansah is Akuma. Apparently there are plans of a webseries in the works and we can’s wait to see what’s next! Below the film itself is an interview with Ansah and Howard from IGN.


Juke Joint Jezebel (Metropolis mix) by KMFDM

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Here is a video for Juke Joint Jezebel by KMFDM. This is Giorgio Moroder‘s “Metropolis” mix of the song that is found on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. The original version of the song is heard in Bad Boys and in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. The soundtrack predominately features heavy metal and industrial artists, including Gravity Kills, Fear Factory, Sister Machine Gun, Type O Negative, and Napalm Death. Stabbing Westward contributed three songs to the film but, because they did not think that the film would do well in theaters, did not let any of them appear on the soundtrack. While the film grossed $100 million worldwide, the soundtrack went platinum in ten days.


Here is the video for Halcyon by Orbital which also can also be found on the soundtrack. Much like Juke Joint Jezebel for KMFDM, Halcyon is perhaps Orbital‘s best known song and has also been heard in several other films, including Hackers, Mean Girls and CKY2K.


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Turbo is Jarrett Lee Conway‘s MFA thesis film completed while he attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He directed, produced and, with Erika Cervantes, co-wrote this amazing short. Starring Justin Chon from the Twilight film series as Hugo, stuntman Ilram Choi as his brother Tobias, David Lehre from Epic Movie as the villain Shamus, Jocko Sims from the Starz series Crash as Turbo superstar Pharoah King, and Alice Hunter as Hugo’s friend and fellow fighter Ruse. Given that this short film feels so much bigger than it actually is, we’re interested in what Conway could do with a full budget and creative control. Turbo won the Golden Circle Award for Outstanding Student Film from the Caucus Foundation in December of 2009.

Unlike the other media presented on this blog, Turbo is not based on a video game itself but has a video game that is central to the plot of the film, which is why we are presenting it here.

Pokémon: Apokelypse

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Whether you love it or hate it, Pokémon has had a staying power few could have realized when the franchise debuted back in 1996. Much like Carmen Sandiego, no matter what form you remember best, it all started from a pair of video games released in Japan called Pokémon Red & Green (released internationally as Red & Blue). Owned and published by Nintendo, the franchise is best known for its video games, anime series and films, manga, and card game but has expanded into a plethora of merchandising items. Here is a fake trailer from Ki-Voltage Productions for a live action film, Pokémon: Apokelypse, a decidedly darker interpretation of this multimedia juggernaut.

Halo: Landfall directed by Neill Blomkamp

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In 2007, Neill Blomkamp, who shot to fame after his feature film directorial début District 9 released to rave reviews, directed a series of short films to promote Halo 3. These films, set in the Halo universe and collectively known as Landfall, blend live action with photo-realistic computer animation, a style that Blomkamp has become known for in the commercial advertisements he has directed and exemplified in District 9. Named to direct a live action adaptation of the Halo franchise, with Peter Jackson to produce, the funding for the project fell through. The Lord of the Rings director then produced District 9 for Blomkamp instead as one hell of a consolation prize. Presented here as a complete film is Neill Blomkamp’s Halo: Landfall.

Straight to My Feet by Hammer ft. Deion Sanders

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Music video for Straight to My Feet by Hammer featuring Deion Sanders from the Street Fighter Soundtrack. A truly bizarre video, it showcases many characters from the movie and features Jean-Claude Van Damme…dancing. Yes, that’s right, dancing. As if having a song by MC Hammer and Deion Sanders(?) wasn’t enough. The soundtrack is almost all hip hop, featuring songs by Ice Cube, Nas, the Pharcyde, LL Cool J, Craig Mack, and Public Enemy.

Pac-Man: The Movie(s)

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Pac-Man is one of the most beloved games of all time and there has been talk on the interwebs for a few years of an actual live action film in the works, possibly with comic book-to-film producer guru Avi Arad producing it. As frightening a concept as this is, there are a number of live action parodies of a Pac-Man feature film out there. Here are a few that vary in quality but are all fun nonetheless.

The first is from stanman16. It involves four ghosts trapped in a maze with a giant yellow monster that’s killing them off one by one.

If you enjoyed that, here is some behind the scenes footage.

Next is from Scott Gairdner on his Zoltarkill YouTube channel. According to his website, Gairdner was just hired last month (August 2010) as a writer and director for Funny or Die. Here is his action movie take on the Pac-Man franchise.

This same parody gets the Lego treatment from Michael Inglis. Check out some of his other Lego movies on his website, his YouTube channel or his Dailymotion profile.

Finally, here we find Pac-Man getting the Saw treatment from New York City based Therefore Productions on their comedy blog. This is probably the highest quality video and would make the best film interpretation of the videos presented here.

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